The 4th Linde Cup Forklift Skills Competition came to a successful close

2019-05-20 10:31:37

On May 13th, the 4th Linde Cup Forklift Skills Competition, Olympic Games of forklift industry, was successfully held in Linde (China) headquarter in Xiamen. The Director of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) Mr. Ma Zengrong, Secretary-general of China Industrial Truck Association (CITA) Ms. Zhang Jie, President and CEO of Linde(China) Mr. Chingpong Quek, Vice Presidents of Linde(China) Mr. Xie Dean, Mr. SweeYong THANG and Mr. SCHROETER Patric,leaders of the Xiamen Municipal Government and the General Labor Union, as well as customer representatives and media friends attended the whole fabulous event.



In the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Chingpong Quek made a speech firstly. He claimed that Linde has always been keeping customer focus and offering professional material handling solutions for more than two decades in China, as well as focusing on the way of increase users’ safety awareness. This 4th Linde Cup Forklift Skills Competition is a good platform for multi-industry communication on safe operation and work efficiency. Nowadays logistics industry has become pillar industry of national economy. Mr. Ma Zengrong of CFLP said that the efficient operation of forklift truck plays an important role in the whole logistic links, and Linde Cup competition will take the industry to a new level.

At the same time, Ms. Zhang Jie, Secretary-general of China Industrial Truck Association (CITA), mentioned the growth trend of China’s industrial vehicle industry in the first half of the year, and the trend of the traditional forklift industry becoming intelligent and automated. She also expressed praise and affirmation of Linde products.


The national finals officially began in the shout of a cheerleader. 28 outstanding nationwide teams have conducted individual and team competitions. The individual competition fully tested the players’ stability, speed and accuracy in the operation of the forklift. The team competition requires two players to meet the high requirements of the tacit understanding of teamwork.

After fierce competition, the representative team of CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. won the championship with outstanding operational skills. They will represent the Chinese team in the “Linde Cup” global competition held in Germany in September to challenge the world’s outstanding players. Followed by the Sinograin Oils & Fats Industrial Dongguan Co., Ltd., FAW Logistics Co., Ltd., the two team won the runner-up; and Airport (Xiamen) International Airport Co., Ltd., Maopu Liquor Co., Ltd., FAW Logistics (Foshan) Co., Ltd., those team won the national third place.

The full integration of automation, digitalization and new energy concepts is the highlight of this year’s Linde Cup. Linde will fully utilize these three dimensions, such as the selection of racing models for new energy forklifts; adding “human-machine wars”, provide humans the opportunity to challenge robots. In addition, Linde(China) introduced the forklift truck fleet management system Smartlink as a digital judge to make the event design unique.

Linde believes that we Chinese competitors will shine up on the world’s stage. We also believe that China’s logistics technology equipment will constantly go to the forefront of the world.