Linde (China) Sudong Region Customer Activity Day was successfully held!

2019-05-29 14:23:23

On May 24th, Linde (China) Intelligent, Digital, New Energy-Customer Open Day was successfully held in Sudong Region. More than 400 customer representatives from all walks of life gathered together and experienced Linde’s advanced technological achievements.

Intelligent, digital, and new energy products attract much attention
At the scene, Linde not only showed balance and warehousing forklifts, but also exhibited the trend-setting intelligent equipment – Linde material handling robot, environmentally friendly new energy forklift – lithium battery forklift and fleet management system –Linde Smartlink and so on, which shared the experience on Intelligence Upgrading on Traditional Logistics, and demonstrates Linde’s sustainable development.


Customer oriented Innovation Service
Customers have different service needs at different times and in different situations. At the scene, Linde not only shows the CO security product options, including card activation device, LED blue warning light, 360° driving recorder, wireless camera The equipment, etc., but also showed the Suzhou Parts Center Warehouse, and introduced to the customer the complete inventory and timely transfer, to provide real-time protection for customers.


In the future, Linde will go deeper into the research and implementation of intelligent, digital and new energy, helping customers optimize their internal logistics systems and win the challenges of future competition.