Fully promote high-quality development Xiamen Mayor Zhuang Jiahan to Linde research and inspection

2019-06-28 15:08:39

On June 24, Xiamen Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhuang Jiahan led a team to Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd. to conduct research and inspection, understand the development of enterprises, coordinate the resolution of related issues.President and CEO of Linde(China) Mr. Chingpong Quek, Vice Presidents of Linde(China) Mr. Xie Dean and Mr. SweeYong THANG, accompanied and briefed the situation.

On the spot, the Deputy Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Jiahan first inspected Linde’s lean “supermarket factory”, and affirmed and praised Linde’s lean manufacturing system and modern production mode. Then they visited the new intelligent, digital products and technology, the scene directly experienced Linde high-tech products. President Guo Jinpeng of Linde (China) stressed that in the face of the ever-changing market demand, Linde enhanced its competitiveness through automation, artificial intelligence and big data enabling, to meet the diversified needs of the market, to help users save costs and improve operational efficiency.

After the investigation, Mayor Zhuang Jiahan hosted a symposium to discuss with representatives of eight enterprises, including Linde, Intretech and Meggitt Sensors, discuss strategy to accelerate the development of high quality.

The development of enterprises can not be separated from their own innovation, creativity, but also can not be separated from the attention and support of society. In the future, Linde will continue to bring more than expected value to users with high-quality products and professional services, optimize user logistics operation process, so that forklift trucks in the Chinese market have made considerable progress in production efficiency, operation cost, product life and other key indicators of forklift trucks, and at the same time improve the level of domestic material handling equipment, and promote the development of China’s logistics industry.