On June 24, Xiamen Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhuang Jiahan led a team to Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd. to conduct research and inspection, understand the development of enterprises, coordinate the resolution of related issues.President and CEO of Linde(China) Mr. Chingpong Quek, Vice Presidents of Linde(China) Mr. Xie Dean and Mr. SweeYong THANG, accompanied and briefed the situation.

On the spot, the Deputy Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Jiahan first inspected Linde’s lean “supermarket factory”, and affirmed and praised Linde’s lean manufacturing system and modern production mode. Then they visited the new intelligent, digital products and technology, the scene directly experienced Linde high-tech products. President Guo Jinpeng of Linde (China) stressed that in the face of the ever-changing market demand, Linde enhanced its competitiveness through automation, artificial intelligence and big data enabling, to meet the diversified needs of the market, to help users save costs and improve operational efficiency.

After the investigation, Mayor Zhuang Jiahan hosted a symposium to discuss with representatives of eight enterprises, including Linde, Intretech and Meggitt Sensors, discuss strategy to accelerate the development of high quality.

The development of enterprises can not be separated from their own innovation, creativity, but also can not be separated from the attention and support of society. In the future, Linde will continue to bring more than expected value to users with high-quality products and professional services, optimize user logistics operation process, so that forklift trucks in the Chinese market have made considerable progress in production efficiency, operation cost, product life and other key indicators of forklift trucks, and at the same time improve the level of domestic material handling equipment, and promote the development of China’s logistics industry.

On May 28th, Suning logistics and Linde (China) reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out all directional and deep cooperation in various fields such as automation equipment, intelligent storage, intelligent supply chain and so on, so as to create a new intelligent logistics ecosystem in an all-round way.



As early as 2005, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holding Group, put forward the long-term plan of establishing a new type of logistics. Suning and Linde cooperated to promote the traditional warehousing manual operation to mechanized and automated operation, which is an “old friend” of Suning Logistics on the road of continuously building intelligent logistics. In 2016, Suning Logistics S Laboratory was established, Linde became an important partner of Suning Logistics Exploration Intelligent Equipment.

At the scene, the two sides discussed the development and application of intelligence, digitalization and new energy. Linde (China) Vice President Xie Dean said that in recent years, Linde has been striving for breakthroughs in the three dimensions of intelligence, digitalization and new energy. In the future, more large data platforms, intelligent robots and unmanned warehouses will enter the logistics industry chain. Facing the increasing market demand, enterprises that can seize the first opportunity of intelligent logistics can lead the industry better. More importantly, smart logistics will not only change the entire logistics ecosystem, but also adapt to the whole industry.



At present, there are more than 1500 Linde material handling equipment, which is busy and orderly running in various logistics bases in Suning, and undertakes different handling and production tasks. Suning and Linde have cooperated for more than ten years and witnessed the rapid development of Linde (China). More importantly, Suning Logistics advocates synergy with partners, industry and society to build an open and integrated smart logistics ecosystem, which coincides with Linde’s development philosophy. It is hoped that the two sides will achieve rapid development in the fields of warehousing and logistics and intelligent logistics.

On May 24th, Linde (China) Intelligent, Digital, New Energy-Customer Open Day was successfully held in Sudong Region. More than 400 customer representatives from all walks of life gathered together and experienced Linde’s advanced technological achievements.

Intelligent, digital, and new energy products attract much attention
At the scene, Linde not only showed balance and warehousing forklifts, but also exhibited the trend-setting intelligent equipment – Linde material handling robot, environmentally friendly new energy forklift – lithium battery forklift and fleet management system –Linde Smartlink and so on, which shared the experience on Intelligence Upgrading on Traditional Logistics, and demonstrates Linde’s sustainable development.


Customer oriented Innovation Service
Customers have different service needs at different times and in different situations. At the scene, Linde not only shows the CO security product options, including card activation device, LED blue warning light, 360° driving recorder, wireless camera The equipment, etc., but also showed the Suzhou Parts Center Warehouse, and introduced to the customer the complete inventory and timely transfer, to provide real-time protection for customers.


In the future, Linde will go deeper into the research and implementation of intelligent, digital and new energy, helping customers optimize their internal logistics systems and win the challenges of future competition.

On May 13th, the 4th Linde Cup Forklift Skills Competition, Olympic Games of forklift industry, was successfully held in Linde (China) headquarter in Xiamen. The Director of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) Mr. Ma Zengrong, Secretary-general of China Industrial Truck Association (CITA) Ms. Zhang Jie, President and CEO of Linde(China) Mr. Chingpong Quek, Vice Presidents of Linde(China) Mr. Xie Dean, Mr. SweeYong THANG and Mr. SCHROETER Patric,leaders of the Xiamen Municipal Government and the General Labor Union, as well as customer representatives and media friends attended the whole fabulous event.



In the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Chingpong Quek made a speech firstly. He claimed that Linde has always been keeping customer focus and offering professional material handling solutions for more than two decades in China, as well as focusing on the way of increase users’ safety awareness. This 4th Linde Cup Forklift Skills Competition is a good platform for multi-industry communication on safe operation and work efficiency. Nowadays logistics industry has become pillar industry of national economy. Mr. Ma Zengrong of CFLP said that the efficient operation of forklift truck plays an important role in the whole logistic links, and Linde Cup competition will take the industry to a new level.

At the same time, Ms. Zhang Jie, Secretary-general of China Industrial Truck Association (CITA), mentioned the growth trend of China’s industrial vehicle industry in the first half of the year, and the trend of the traditional forklift industry becoming intelligent and automated. She also expressed praise and affirmation of Linde products.


The national finals officially began in the shout of a cheerleader. 28 outstanding nationwide teams have conducted individual and team competitions. The individual competition fully tested the players’ stability, speed and accuracy in the operation of the forklift. The team competition requires two players to meet the high requirements of the tacit understanding of teamwork.

After fierce competition, the representative team of CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. won the championship with outstanding operational skills. They will represent the Chinese team in the “Linde Cup” global competition held in Germany in September to challenge the world’s outstanding players. Followed by the Sinograin Oils & Fats Industrial Dongguan Co., Ltd., FAW Logistics Co., Ltd., the two team won the runner-up; and Airport (Xiamen) International Airport Co., Ltd., Maopu Liquor Co., Ltd., FAW Logistics (Foshan) Co., Ltd., those team won the national third place.

The full integration of automation, digitalization and new energy concepts is the highlight of this year’s Linde Cup. Linde will fully utilize these three dimensions, such as the selection of racing models for new energy forklifts; adding “human-machine wars”, provide humans the opportunity to challenge robots. In addition, Linde(China) introduced the forklift truck fleet management system Smartlink as a digital judge to make the event design unique.

Linde believes that we Chinese competitors will shine up on the world’s stage. We also believe that China’s logistics technology equipment will constantly go to the forefront of the world.

On March 7-8, the “2019 Global Logistics Technology Conference” hosted by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing was successfully held in Chengdu. With the theme of “Technology Meet the Future”, this conference have shared the latest R&D and innovation applications of logistics technology and Linde (China) participated as a guest. At the meeting, Linde (China) won the “Logistics Technology and Equipment Recommendation Award”, which was an affirmation of Linde (China)’s 26 years of technological innovation and development, and also an appreciation of Linde’s value and service.


Meanwhile, after careful review by the expert committee, Linde robotics K-Matic was ranked in the forefront of the industry and won the second National Logistics Robot Application Competition Award.


In the future, Linde (China) will continue to innovate, develop and introduce original products and solutions, provide top products and services to the market with high flexibility and strong strength, improve the level of material handling equipment, and develop together with the logistics industry.

On December 6-7, 2018, the 2nd China Manufacturing 2025 Entrepreneur International Forum was successfully held in Beijing! The forum is based on the theme of “new business, new model and new standard”, which aimed to explore the development of intelligent manufacturing solutions and manufacturing enterprises in the new era. At the meeting, Linde (China) won the “Most Influential Enterprise Award” and receive support and recognition from participants.



October 15th,The Complete Digitalization of Retail was successfully held in Beijing, together with the 2019 Wumart Suppliers Annual Summits .In the meeting, Linde won 2018 Best Cooperation Award of Wumart Suppliers, and received full trust and affirmation from Wumart as well.


As we know, Wumart and Linde have 15 years cooperation, which established good friendship. In the future, Linde will pay more attention to the digitalization of retail, and help Wumart become an expert in the retail industry.


Recently, 2018 China International Import Expo successfully opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center in Nov.5th! Based on the purpose of improving economic globalization, this event attracts much attention from all over the world and appear many exciting technologies.

At the expo, Linde (China) showed Linde material handling robot L-Matic AC, which is the trend-setting intelligent equipment; Linde Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Lithium Battery, which leading the future of energy solutions, and moreover, Linde showed Smartlink , which focus on fleet operation management digitalization, etc. Linde shared the experience of intelligent, digital and new energy transformation, and concentrated on Linde’s sustainable development as well.


Mr. Chingpong Quek, President of Linde China, introduced the products and solutions enthusiastically to the governor of Shandong Province, Mr. Gong Zheng and the chairman of Shandong Zhonggong Group and Weichai Dynamics Group , Tan Xuguang, which received highly affirmation.


As we know, the industry 4.0 era has promoted the development of Chinese enterprises from automation to intelligent, digital and new energy. Linde brings German intelligent and lean technology to China, and proposes more and better technical solutions to meet the Chinese industrial need, and continuously helps customers achieve more efficient and low-cost warehousing logistics.


Linde has prepared a lot of wonderful presentations, and looking forward to sharing with more customers. Waiting for you!

On September 5th, the second “China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award”( CITIA) Review Meeting, was successfully held in Beijing. After evaluation by industrial experts, Linde Robotics K-Matic, which refreshed industry field of vision for its concept of more than automation and technology of leading intelligence, won the Gold Medal of China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award (CITIA) .And Linde LAB, won the bronze medal as well.

In the new stage of development, Linde Material Handling shows its business transformation from forklift product manufacturer to comprehensive solution supplier. The advanced AGV robots with the effective logistics solution has made Linde an expert.

Linde Robotics K-Matic – Making work freely!

Intelligence are not only the automation of equipment, It pays more attention to how to be intelligent in process, operation and management.



Unlike the automatic company, Linde’s purpose is to achieve efficient operation of transcendence, according to customer’s needs, Maximizing enhance the efficiency of logistics is the core of Linde solutions. Linde Robotics is born with this concept, it has safety level sensor laser with PL-D level , the front speed is up to 2m/s, the rear speed is up to 0.8m/s, the working efficiency has 40% more productivity compare with domestic product. Dual mode and efficiency in servicing and spare parts with comprehensive network ensure the high stability of the equipment.

Linde LAB – Forklift automation has become so simple!

When automation company gets the AGV orders, it is terrible busy. It is very limited time to automate the base forklift truck which is originally designed for manual driving. Jump into truck movement control details, duplicate effort for different types of truck, what is more, different patch delivery may requires some adaptions. Actually, there is smart way to handle this. Linde LAB solution makes it simple to control forklift truck from automation kit. It establishes the communication between automation kit and base forklift truck. It receives the command from automation kit and send the control signal to base forklift truck. Meanwhile, it collects forklift truck status & information and send s feedback to automation kit for high level application decision.



Simple and safe is the highest mission of LAB. It also works as firewall of forklift truck to fully guarantee the driving safety.



CITIA is aimed at upgrading China industrial trucks’ technology and service and became the most influential award in industry. The award ceremony will be held at 2018 CeMAT Asia, and we all looking forward to Linde’s wonderful products and effective logistics solutions.


The 6th China Fresh Agricultural Product Supply Chain Summit was held on August 9th – 10th. Which comprehensively showed the innovative technology and service of the equipment and applications. As an expert in cold-chain industry, Linde shared its premium solutions and multiple options of forklift products. Besides, Linde present ultralow temperature solutions to help customers explore more opportunities.