Challenges the Ultra-low Temperature

Industry Solutions

Cold chain is the secret of keeping food fresh; the efficient operation of cold chain logistics cannot be separated from the important role of forklift truck. In 1960, the first cold storage protection forklift truck was produced at Linde Lansing factory in England. The technical strength of Linde is demonstrated in forklift truck frequent in-out of cold stores. After more than 50 years of development, more Linde forklift trucks are available, cold store protection become more advanced and scientific. Linde expert solutions can easily cope with work condition at -60 degrees ultra-low temperature cold stores.


Solid all-closed cabin, Antirust paint and anti-smash protection of the whole truck

Unique defrost system


Heating system


Display waterproof protection


Unique high performance battery, extended working time

Waterproof protection of electrical components

Battery change solution


Low temperature resistant hydraulic oil and parts