Expert for Efficient Handling of Special Goods

Customized Solutions

It is of public attention how to achieve high efficiency and also ensure goods safety when handling “BOX” goods. Based on pallet truck, Linde provide efficient handling solutions which meet work conditions and always gives our customers pleasant surprises. Linde conducts comprehensive analysis of working conditions and customer requirements, to design in order to solve problems of our customers. The clamping, handling and control actions of the solution will deliver efficiency and safety, fully meeting customers’ expectations and requirements for customized special handling solution.


Unique 45° driving position and excellent ergonomic design

Linde E-driver easy, safe and efficient operation

Abundant storing space


Cockpit and mat switches, make driving safer


Battery can be replaced from the side


Opening, telescoping and lifting of working device

Control buttons of working device, easy to operate

Cushion for goods, to prevent damage to goods