Solution for Cylindrical Goods

Customized Solutions

Coiled (cylindrical) goods are often found in packaging, plastics, tires, cables and other industries. How to handle cylindrical goods efficiently and safely while ensuring the integrity of goods is a key factor to evaluate a handling solution. Based on specifications of goods, Linde customized forks can match the cambered surface of goods very well, to avoid damage to goods caused by edges of the ordinary fork. In addition, Linde can provide a different option of pedestrian or folder platform to match different cost budget for different handling distance and efficiency requirements. Linde provides professional solutions for customers to achieve higher productivity with the same cost.


Unique 45° driving position, to provide good vision and reduce neck, shoulders and waist fatigue

Linde E-driver to control all truck action with one hand only


Electric steering, highly responsive, no kickback, only 10% of mechanical steering


When making a turn, automatically reduce speed to improve safety and reduce tire wear


Platform with flexible anti-vibration carpet


Side guards provide side protection and support

Generous tiller head space, easy operation


Customized fork can easily carry cylindrical goods