Happy Life, Linde with You

Industry Solution

Whether for the preparation of food and beverage or the handling of the finished food and beverage, Linde twin pedal system and joystick system can guarantee high efficiency. A customized fortified and wider fork carriage with side shift function, matching the wider load backrest and load stabilizer create greater logistics than expected for large-capacity beverage. The consistent technical characteristics of Linde always gives out its unique charm in details which shows the design concept of humanization, efficiency and safety.


Multi pallet forks to improve the efficiency of handling beverage

Panoramic sunroof, wireless camera system to improve the vision

Camera system at the fork arm carrier to improve work efficiency

Linde reverse horn control switch, safe and efficient

Linde Blue (Red) Spot, guarantee safety


Linde weighing system to improve work efficiency

Customized colors and crash strips


Many kinds of lighting and warning lamps (such as blue spot) and Rotate beacon